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ALDS Game 1: Starting Lineups

Here's tonight's starting lineups:

Detroit Tigers:

Granderson, CF
Polanco, 2B
Casey, 1B
Ordonez, RF
Guillen, SS
Rodriguez, C
Monroe, LF
Thames, DH
Inge, 3B

New York Yankees:

Damon, CF
Jeter, SS
Abreu, RF
Sheffield, 1B
Giambi, DH
Rodriguez, 3B
Matsui, LF
Posada, C
Cano, 2B

That's a pretty scary lineup for Nate to be facing on the road. Here's what he told about tonight's game, "I have faced all of them at one point, so it's having an idea of what I want to do, and going out there with a game plan. Ultimately, it's the execution, what I am trying to do. It's respecting the guys that you've got to play against, but going in there with an attitude of 'I can get this job done.'

Here's hoping that Nate's game plan works early and the Tigers can score some runs to support him. It's gonna be a good one, folks.