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The Future of Dave Dombrowski

Ah, the offseason. We are all recovering from the excitement (and disappointment) that the postseason brought along with it, but now baseball is over for a couple months and we can sit back and witness the excitement that is the postseason. The ridiculous trade rumors and huge contracts keep us watching, and it really is an enjoyable time for all baseball fans.

Before we get to any talk of player movement or free agent signing, a quick point was brought up in a recent Free Press article regarding what the future holds for Tigers GM David Dombrowski.

President and general manager Dave Dombrowski said he expects to speak with owner Mike Ilitch soon regarding off-season issues, but declined to say whether his contract -- which expires after next season -- will be discussed. Ilitch is expected to pursue a contract extension with Dombrowski this off-season.

Dombrowski, who makes about $2 million per year, is not believed to be a candidate for any outside positions. The Chicago Cubs, who were thought to have interest in Dombrowski as a president and chief executive officer, likely will keep John McDonough in that position, on an interim basis, through the end of next season.

Interesting. I think that Dombrowski is very comfortable in Detroit and I do not believe that he will want to take on another humongous rebuilding project that may occur soon in Chicago. I would be surprised if a deal is not in place to keep DD in Detroit for years to come.