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Tigers 1 - Yankees 1

Today could have been the most exciting day of Tigers baseball I've witnessed since I really started paying attention to Detroit baseball...unfortunately, due to the rainout last night, I was forced to watch a slow gamecast at work instead of the ESPN broadcast.

Today's game was a must win. They did what was needed to win, and now are in pretty good position going back to Comerica Park for tomorrow night's game 3 against the Yanks. Kenny Rogers will face Randy Johnson in a matchup of leftys.

Anyways, it was blatantly obvious to see that in order to win this series the Tigers pitchers were going to have to avoid the "big inning," and the lineup was going to have to not waste chances. Coincidently the Tigers found a way to do both of those things wrong in game 1, leading to a loss. Whether they learned or their fortunes changed, they did what was needed to win this one.

First of all, the pitching. JV did get into some jams with the bases loaded in the first and a couple of other two men on situations. With exception of the Damon homer he got out of these, avoiding the flood gates opening by the explosive Yankees offense. He was confident in his first playoff start in Yankee Stadium, and for that I tip my hat to him. He got the job done.

The bullpen was exceptional. Nothing else I can say. No runs, a good number of Ks and few hits against the Yanks lineup. Can't ask for more. That Jamie Walker DP pitch to Cano was HUGE.

I'm pretty pumped about this win, even though I did not get to see it (which I'll be eternally pissed about)...Can't really tell too much of what happened other than what I've seen on the ESPN highlights, but excitement is definitely the feeling I have right now.

Can't wait for tomorrow night.