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Detroit Was Ready for Playoff Baseball

Much has been said about the homefield advantage the Tigers had in the last two games of the ALDS against the Yankees. Well, it turns out that the players really were impressed and fed off of this homefield advantage.

Brandon Inge:

- "I can't tell you how many times the last two games that I've been on the field and every hair on my body has stood up because they're yelling and cheering so loud."

- "That's a pretty good feeling, when you get that adrenaline rush and your hair stands up."

Sean Casey:
- "This is a baseball city, man."

- "They're fired up for baseball. These people are going crazy, and we need them to keep going crazy."

Todd Jones:
- "Moments in your life are greater when they're shared."

- "Today, we shared a great Tiger moment with 40,000 people in the stands, and I don't think they'll ever forget it."

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