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SBN Awards - AL & NL ROY

It's awards time, SB Nation style. The baseball writers here at the SBN have submitted ballots in order to come up with who deserved what in terms of awards for the 2006 baseball season. Today will be the first installment of these awards, starting with the AL & NL ROY awards.

First up is the AL, where a familiar face will be taking home the SBN ROY award: Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander.

Here is what the ballots looked like:

What a year for rookie pitchers this season. Before an injury Fransisco Liriano was dominant, Jered Weaver was promoted to the majors and proceeded to do nothing but win for quite some time, and Papelbon arguably was one of the best closers in the game. This shows us how fortunate the Tigers are to have Justin Verlander. We've got a good one here in Detroit, hopefully for years to come.

Next, the NL. The NL had some very good rookies this year as well, although the list did not include as many dominant rookie pitchers. The SBN ROY award for the National League goes to Marlins SS Hanley Ramirez.

Here is how the voting turned out:

A very close race as Zimmerman received more first place votes. In the end though, Hanley came out on top in the NL. Also near the top was Dan Uggla, another standout rookie on that very good young Marlins squad.

Congrats to both of these players on this honor, and thanks to the many at the SB Nation for putting this together.