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Final 2006 Elias Rankings Out

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The Elias Rankings for the 2006 season are out. USA Today explains what these rankings mean right here:

The rankings are used to determine whether players are Type "A," "B" or "C" free agents. Their classification determines which draft picks a former team receives as compensation if the player signs with another team. The top 30% in each group get an "A" ranking, the next 20% a "B" ranking and the group between 50% and 60% a "C" ranking.

Anyways, here are a couple Tigers notables:

Player Grade
Sean Casey A
Matt Stairs C
Jamie Walker B

Nothing too exciting, I guess. Re-signing Casey is even a cloudier decision now, based on the fact that the Tigers would receive something in return for him signing with another team. Same with Jamie Walker. Of course the Tigers would first have to offer both of these players arbitration first, which will more than likely happen with Walker. With Casey, I'm not too sure.

Several Tigers made the lists pretty high, but we won't be worrying about them signing for other teams for a couple years.