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SBN Awards: AL & NL MOY

Yesterday we handed out the rookie of the year awards to Justin Verlander and Hanley Ramirez. Today the SB Nation Baseball writers hand out their awards to the manager of the year in both leagues, voted on by all of the writers.

Here are the results:

In the AL, we have yet another familiar face winning an SBN Award - Tigers Manager Jim Leyland. Leyland brought the Tigers to their first winning record since 1993, their first playoff appearance since 1987 and their first WS appearance since 1984. Congratulations Jim Leyland on winning the AL MOY.

Next we have the NL MOY Award, which will go to Marlins (former) Manager Joe Girardi. Girardi kept the Fish in the postseason hunt for quite some time, using a team one year removed from a firesale. A host of rookie talents, including SBN ROY Hanley Ramirez, kept the Marlins' season going with quite a bit of success. Congratulations Joe.