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Tigers Interested in Soriano, Lee

At least that's what the Detroit Free Press reports:

The Tigers pursued Carlos Lee and Alfonso Soriano before the July trade deadline and might renew their interest in the star outfielders now that each has entered free agency.

Lee and Soriano are expected to sign two of the off-season's richest contracts. And, since owner Mike Ilitch likely will authorize a payroll near $90 million, the Tigers might have the financial capability to sign one or the other.

In the same article, former Tiger Frank Catalanatto is said to be a player the Tigers could be looking at to add to the team:
Even then, club officials will pursue more reasonably priced alternatives -- and Frank Catalanotto, the former Tigers utilityman, is among them.

Alan Nero, the agent for Catalanotto, confirmed Wednesday that the Tigers were among eight teams to express interest in Catalanotto.