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The offseason started out with a bang for the Tigers, as they traded for Gary Sheffield and re-signed Sean Casey. Following some more low key news stories, including Jamie Walker signing with the Orioles and the team coming to an agreement with Ramon Santiago, there has been absolutely nothing of note for the Tigers...which in a way creates an impatient feeling.

The saying sometimes goes "no news is good news," and I guess you could relate that to the situation right now. Dombrowski has stated that "we're pretty well set," which on the outside would lead us to believe that the Tigers are done making any moves this offseason. But this is baseball, and if something right comes along you gotta snatch it up. It's what the front office is paid to do.

That being said, I do think we may see some small stuff coming up. Perhaps a move that would free the Tigers of one of their three utility IFs (Santiago, Perez, Infante), or maybe a move to bring a lefty reliever to the pen. These are all realistic possibilities that may break a spell of inactivity over the last couple of weeks. Until then, that offseason impatience will have to be fulfilled by reading news from other teams around the league and division.

What do any of you BYB readers think (if there are actually any of you)? Will the Tigers make any more moves? Any ideas? Suggestions?