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ESPN Discusses Verlander

In a recent article covering the top rookies for next season, Tigers young pitching prospect Justin Verlander got some pub:

The Tigers, desperate to show their alienated fan base that they have a future, will be sorely tempted to rush Verlander to Detroit if he has a good spring or a fast start in Triple-A. But the young right-hander with the express fastball (mid- to high-90s) and two other plus pitches (hard curve and straight change) might not be ready for prime time for a few months or even a full year. After all, he has a mere 22 pro starts under his belt, only nine above Class A.

Justin Verlander got the two starts last season, never really looking too comfortable out there on the Major League level. He was missing with his bread and butter pitch, his fastball, and that seemed to throw off everything else. A couple starts in the Major Leagues (Spring Training) could really help that comfort level, but ultimately he should start the season at the AA level. Get a couple more starts under your belt, perhaps make a couple of relief appearances in Detroit, then get thrown into the rotation.

Really, I would rather see someone like Colon in the rotation to start the season that see a guy like Verlander diminish his future potential by rushing him into a spot he isn't comfortable with.