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BA Top 100 Prospects

Baseball America recently released it's annual list of the top 100 prospects in all of Major League Baseball. This is actually good news for the Tigers, as a few guys who may impact the team's future success made an appearance on the list:

8. JUSTIN VERLANDER, rhp, Tigers
"He's got the arm, the heart and the head to do some very, very great things for that organization."
--anonymous scout
ETA: 2006

31. CAMERON MAYBIN, of, Tigers
"He's an offensive player, a very good defensive player, a plus runner. And the one thing that really struck me was Cameron's work ethic and desire."
--Tigers scouting director David Chadd
ETA: 2008

35. JOEL ZUMAYA, rhp, Tigers
"I've always had him in as a closer. The effort to his delivery has improved, but to me you bring him in for one inning, he throws 100 and you shake hands."
--anonymous scout
ETA: 2006

None of these guys made the list last year, which shows a great deal of improvement. Both of the pitching prospects, Zoom and Verlander, made huge strides towards the big leagues as they burst onto the scenes in Minor League ball last season. And Cameron Maybin looks to be a future star in this league based on what many talent evaluators have stated.

Last season only 2 Tigers made the list: Curtis Granderson and Kyle Sleeth. After an injury Sleeth has not stayed on the same path, but hopes to get back into the flow of things this season. And we all know about Curtis Granderson.

All in all this brings excitement. I mean, just look at the things said about Zumaya in his little blurb. There has not been this much depth in the system for quite some time.