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Percival Done

First of all, I would like to let everyone know about Danny Knobler's weblog over at MLive. It is really great and has a lot of insider type stuff to read about.

Apparently Troy Percival has decided pitching for the Tigers is not an option next season. Percival was signed to a 2 year contract by the Tigers last season, but his time in Detroit was cut short by an elbow injury.

Here is what Knobler reported:

Percival pitched an inning in a simulated game this afternoon, then met with Tiger officials and basically put an end to what was an outstanding 11-year career. Percival had to admit that his right elbow is hurt too much for him to pitch effectively.

Bad news, but who didn't see it coming? The diagnosis we got after the injury sounded bad, and this confirms it. Good thing the team signed a closer in Todd Jones this offseason.