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It Had to Happen Sooner or Later

The first cut of Spring Training was made recently by the Tigers:

The first cut of Spring Training came Sunday, when the Tigers sent catcher Chris Robinson to Minor League camp. More could be coming later this week, but one well-speculated move doesn't sound likely.

Robinson was selected in the 3rd round of last season's amatuer draft. He seems to be the most talked about catching prospect in the Tigers system.

In other news regarding cuts, there has been a lot of speculation that 1B Carlos Pena will be a casualty of roster moves:

That would seem to rule out anyone else being cut by March 16, when teams can release a player and owe him one-sixth of his season salary. Carlos Pena, one of three first basemen on a possible 25-man roster, had been speculated as one such possibility if the Tigers decided he wasn't a fit for this team.

Here we go again with Pena, who every year seems to be one of the controversies on this team. After many arguments over whether or not Carlos Pena should be a future Tiger, the 1B struggled greatly to start last season and ended up getting sent down to Toledo. Now it seems that Jim Leyland is not totally sold on him. The Tigers will need to make a decision quick regarding Carlos, as it would be in the best interest for both parties.