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Josh Phelps

Josh Phelps, who signed a minor league contract with the Tigers prior to Spring Training, is having a pretty impressive stretch of games:

AB:28 R:6 H:16 2B:5 HR:3 RBI:8 OBP:.636 SLG:1.071 AVG:.571

It looks as if this was a great chance to take for the Tigers. Although the first base position looks pretty much full going into the season (if nothing happens with Pena), Phelps could turn out to be a good insurance type player if Young, Shelton or Pena fail to stay healthy.

Looking at the current situation it seems that Phelps may even be a better option that Carlos Pena to make the opening day roster. The only problem with this is that the Tigers are in need of left handed batters, which Pena happens to be. If Pena continues to struggle and continues to get less than compliments from Leyland, than Phelps may be a pretty good player to have on the roster.

Of course this could just be the fact that it's only Spring Training. Phelps has a career average of .268 and OBP of .336. These are pretty comparable to Pena's career stats. It's seems that, just like last year, Pena is once again a player the Tigers will have to make a decision on.