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4/3 Detroit Tigers vs. Kansas City Royals

Today is a good day. In addition to being my mother's birthday and I got a 4.0 on my Poly Sci midterm, it is of course Opening Day for our beloved Tigers.

It that wonderful time of year when everyone believes that this is the year the Tigers put it together and shock the baseball the world. While I choose to withold judgement until I at least see one pitch thrown, the Tigers do appear to be an improved team.

New #1 starter and temporary ace Kenny Rogers makes his first regular season start for the Tigers. He'll face Kansas City's new ace Scott Elarton. Is that the first time Scott Elarton has been referred to as an ace?

It's Opening Day folks. Leave work early or skip some classes and watch the Tigers. The game is on Fox Sports Detroit and AM 1270. The first pitch is scheduled for 4:10 p.m.