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4/6 Detroit Tigers vs. Texas Rangers

How long can it last? Can the Tigers remain undefeated? We'll find out tonight when they take on the Texas Rangers. First pitch is at 8:05 p.m.

Nate Robertson makes his first start of the regular season. He had a shaky spring, but hopefully he'll rebound for the games that count. R.A. Dickey gets the start for Texas.

Here's the Tigers starting lineup for tonight:

Inge, 3B
Polanco, 2B
Rodriguez, C
Ordonez, RF
Young, DH
Shelton, 1B
Guillen, SS
Monroe, CF
Thames, LF

Good to see that Shelton has already moved out of the 8th spot. Anyone else a little leery of Inge leading off?

The game will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit and AM 1270 in Detroit. Maybe if they keep this up, FSD will show more games. As of last week, the Tigers had the fewest games in MLB scheduled to be broadcast on TV. Even less than the Royals.