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We Can Only Hope

The season is looking bright. Especially after a 33-1 combined thrashing of the Minnesota Twins over this weekend, a club that has torched the Tigers over I don't know how many years. The Tigers dominated the Twins in every single fashion, as it seems the Tigers lineup has shown it can be one of the most potent group of guys in the league at certain points.

But it hasn't been only our lineup that has been making noise. Tigers pitching has become a strength as well, as the starting rotation has gone 8-2 in the last 11 games (with the other win coming from Fernando Rodney). And I don't know if this means too much, but the Tigers relievers are yet to lose a game this season, showing that games have not been blown by this group.

There have been many positives. Yes the Tigers got swept by the White Sox and Jim Leyland has already blown up once this season...but all these things are just small steps that it takes for a team to become successful, which it seems the Tigers are well on their way too.

Hopefully the boys can keep it up today as they start a series against the cellar-dwelling Royals.

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