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Tata to Toledo; Colon to Detroit

Following last night's game the Tigers made a small roster move in the bullpen, calling up Roman Colon and sending down Jordan Tata to Toledo:

The Tigers made their expected roster move after Wednesday's game, sending right-hander Jordan Tata to Triple-A Toledo, where he'll make his first start this weekend. Right-hander Roman Colon, one of the final players cut in spring training, will join them from Toledo today.

"I'm very impressed with Tata,'' Leyland said. "I can guarantee you Tata didn't get sent out because he did anything wrong. Plus, my wife met him at breakfast (Tuesday) and she wants to adopt him. He'll be back.''

Leyland said Colon could pitch anywhere from the second inning to the seventh.

Tata didn't get too much action in the big leagues, only pitching 14 innings for the Tigers in relief. He's a young guy though, and I'm sure that any time spent with the Tigers is time well spent for someone developing as a pitcher.