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Some Quick Notes

The Tigers are currently 4-3 on the road trip that has taken them through Minneapolis, Baltimore and Cleveland. They have a chance today to perhaps be in first place in the AL Central (depending on the White Sox-Twins game). Yeah, I know it's early, but as Tigers fans this could be a great sign of the future of the franchise.

Anyways, there have been some good things happening with this team over the last few days...perhaps leaving behind the thought of that 3 game losing streak (GASP!) that occurred last week.

  • Chris Shelton hit a homer and a long double last night (it was pretty close to a homer). Perhaps he is coming out of that long slump he was facing after starting the season blazing hot. Maybe he is a streaky hitter. We all remember the last player for the Tigers that was considered "streaky". Shelton seems to have more of a pure hitter's instict at the plate than this other player, I think that he'll be a pretty darn good hitter for years to come.
  • Marcus Thames had 3 K's last night against CC Sabathia. He is now batting .167/.231/.333 against southpaws this season with 6 Ks in 24 ABs. The good news - He is batting .385/.448/.885 with 4 homers against righties in 26 ABs. Thames is a great platoon guy right now, but will need to improve those numbers against lefties if he wants to be an everyday-type player.
  • Closer Todd Jones has been 3 of 3 in save opportunities since the blown save against the Twins. He hasn't given up any runs either. He has allowed people on base though, something that seems like a normal occurrence for Jones. This has prompted the nickname "Rollercoaster" from posters.