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Miner Impressive in Toledo

Zach Miner, who at the last trade deadline was picked up by the Tigers in exchange for Kyle Farnsworth, has been doing a great job down in Toledo for the Mud Hens:

Roman Colon was the better known of the two pitchers acquired from Atlanta in exchange for Kyle Farnsworth last year. Colon pitched 35 games in the big leagues last season, and earned a promotion to Detroit last week. On Sunday, he said that Zach Miner, the other pitcher that came over from the Braves, could easily join him in the big leagues. Miner is 5-0 with a 2.03 ERA at Triple-A Toledo.

"He's ready to be here," Colon said. "It's not like he's throwing the ball and hoping something happens. He's pitching."

Miner is 23, young enough that he could develop into a major league pitcher -- although he is not on the Tigers' 40-man roster.

Miner has only given up 2 homeruns over 40 IP to go along with that great record and ERA. I feel that the Tigers just may have gotten a good deal last season, although I was very skeptical about it when Farnsworth left Detroit.