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Pudge and the BB

Last season there was always a huge discussion lingering regarding Pudge Rodriguez and his lack of patience at the plate. This lack of patience resulted a very low BB total, and obviously a small OBP/AVG ratio (.290 OBP, .276 AVG). His season was pretty lackluster overall, as his AVG (.276), OBP (.290), SLG (.444) & BB (11) were all down from his career averages. Tigers fans didn't seem too happy with Pudge, and Pudge didn't seem like a happy camper in Detroit.

It seems as though Pudge has attempted to fix this problem of little plate patience, as his numbers are increasing slowly but surely. Through 32 games he has walked a total of 7 times and is on pace for close to 31 BB this season, 20 more than his total for 2005. He is putting the ball in play less on the 0-0 counts this season (84 times in 2005, on pace for 66 in 2006), and getting in many more full count situations. The RBI number he is on pace for (56) isn't significantly different than last season (50), but he is getting on base more this season and that equals helping out his team more on offense.

He may never have another season in a Tigers uniform as good as 2004, but at least he is improving on last season. His BB and OPS numbers still aren't overly impressive this season, but we just would like to see Pudge a little better than his 2005 campaign.