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Kudos to the Pitching Staff

The Tigers pitching staff obviously has made great leaps this season to be one of the top staffs in the league (if not the best). By looking at the stats right now, it's almost hard to believe that this group of guys is doing what they're doing on the mound en route to the 31-14 record.

First of all, just take a glance at the top ERA's in the American League:

Jose Contreras - CWS - 1.90
Scott Kazmir - TB - 2.39
Mike Maroth - DET - 2.45
Mike Mussina - NYY - 2.57
Justin Verlander - DET - 2.70
Roy Halladay - TOR - 2.77
Mark Buehrle - CWS - 2.92
Nate Robertson - DET - 3.02
Barry Zito - OAK - 3.10
Kenny Rogers - DET - 3.32

Rogers dropped on this list because of his outing last evening against the Royals, where he gave up 4 homeruns (he gave up 4 all season prior to this).

4 Tigers in the top 10? That's exceptional. And notice that Jeremy Bonderman is the one starter not making an appearance. Overall the Tigers team ERA of 3.22 leads not only the American League, but all of Major League Baseball. They also lead the MLB in WHIP, Saves (because of the win total), and hits against. Plus we all know about the nine shutouts. Clearly the pitching staff is the major reason for the Tigers success so far this season, putting together youth and veteran leadership to form a winning combination.

So who's responsible for these numbers? Have the Tigers pitchers just simply improved? Many of the Tigers experts and other baseball analysts say that Kenny Rogers has done wonders with the younger guys on the staff and that he should get most of the credit for the starting pitching being where it is today. Perhaps it was Bob Cluck, or maybe Chuck Hernandez has a winning formula for this group of guys. Any way you want to look at it, this pitching staff is doing great things.