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Never Thought I'd See This

In a modern sports world where we're all enamored with internet coverage, the "Power Rankings" have become something we've started to take a notice to. While the rankings are never a true indication to where teams actually stand (especially this early in the season), it's still fun to look at and see exactly where your favorite team is on the list.

As Tiger fans your team would always hover around 19-21, with the lowest being, well, last place (2003). That has all changed, as the Tigers have taken over the #2 spot on the latest FOX sports power rankings, only behind division rival Chicago:

Quite a week for the Tigers. Magglio Ordonez smacks his 200th career home run, and they obliterate the Twins in a three-game set by a combined score of 32-1. On the whole, Detroit boasts the best run differential in all of baseball.

I never Thought I would see the Tigers so high for quite some time...but it has come true. Are they the 2nd best team in the league? Maybe how they're playing now, but in the grand scheme of things, no. The Tigers have played struggling Minnesota and KC teams, as well as the last place Mariners. In the "hardest" series to date the Tigers were swept by the White Sox, and the Angels took 2 of 3.

It's been fun, and I hope it continues. Let's get a few more games under our belt (and hopefully some more wins) and then we can truly see if the Tigers are worthy of a spot among baseball's best teams. They are sure playing like it right now, but more tests need to be taken before we can really get excited about a playoff race that still has around 130 more games to go.