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The Home Run

What Tiger fan hasn't noticed the team's recent reliance on home runs to put runs on the board? Over the last 3 games for the Tigers, 7 of the 9 runs scored have been due to home runs, and over the recent 6 game win streak almost half of the runs have been scored by homers.

Even Jim Leyland has noticed the trend:

The more they homer, the more he seemingly worries about them relying too much on it. He wants them to be able to win playing small ball. He wants them moving runners over, fighting for extra bases when they see a chance and at least threatening to bunt.

Right now the Tigers lead the league (44 homers in 28 games) in team homeruns. The next team in line with as many games played is Texas (37 in 28 games). However the team is in the middle of the pack when it comes to runs scored and OBP. They also rank near the middle in terms of runs/game.

Home runs are exciting to watch, especially when you're continually winning. A team that can score those automatic runs off of home runs is a dangerous team, but rarely do teams consistently do it. The Tigers have done it consistently over the last few games, but this power surge will not always be there.

Plus it goes back to the pitching staff. The Tigers pitching staff has held opponents to under 4 runs in the last 15 games, a trend that has assisted the Tigers lineup in outscoring the opposition with solo and 2 run shots. Once opposing teams start breaking out and scoring more than 4-5 runs a game, this lineup is going to have to produce runs in other ways to continue their winning ways. Of course it's still early in the season and a lot will change. It's inevitable. Hopefully the pitching staff will stay consistently good and the Tigers will find other sources to score runs game in and game out.