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I'm Going to be Sick

Bonderman didn't look too strong tonight. Jones blew a save. A Tigers reliever lost a game for the first time all season. The lineup fought back all night and took the lead, only to see it thrown away in a bottom of the ninth that turned my stomach the whole time.

I believe we will hear a lot of discussion regarding our current closer. Fernando Rodney looks like a solid option based on the success he enjoyed to start the season. Jones has blown one save, it's not panic time yet...but when there is someone in the pen who has shown he's worthy of the position for a short time, sometimes you have to question things.

On a positive note, Joel Zumaya looked awesome once again.

The Tigs lost to the Twins in the Metrodome in the 9th inning tonight. Ugh. Better bounce back tomorrow and take this series from a division rival on the road.