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Twins Take 2 of 3

This was a frustrating series to say the least...especially considering the Tigers struggles at the Metrodome over the last several seasons. After taking game one behind a solid game from the top to the bottom of the lineup, the Tigers found a way to lose Saturday night's game and followed it up by nearly getting no hit by Johan Santana.

Without the loss Saturday night, this team would have a whole different outlook on the 3 game set. Instead of leaving their division rival's home with a series loss, the Tigers would have run their record to 5-1 against the Twins so far this season...something that would perhaps signal a change in the outlook of our organization after the domination Minnesota has over them in the past.

But of course it's still early in the season. And closers will blow games every now and then. It's just that as Tigers fans we are used to seeing blown leads and series losses, and we want to taste success as much as possible. Taking 2 of 3 from the Twins in the Metrodome would have been a huge success in my eyes (especially considering the beatdown the Tigs put on Minny last weekend). While I know as a baseball fan that the Tigers still came out of Minnesota looking pretty good, the win-loss column still shows them losing the series.

And while I'm on the subject, I must give the Twins credit in this series. They battled back after giving up the lead Saturday night, and with their backs against the wall found a way to win a close ballgame against a bullpen that hadn't sufered a loss all season. And today, of course, Johan Santana just looked spectacular (as well as Torii Hunter out in CF with an amazing defensive play).

Oh well, the Tigers are 20-12. They are still surpassing my expectations of them before the season and that's all I can ask of them. And now they get to play in Camden Yards, a place where the bats have shown up often in the past. I can't wait.