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Tigers Fans Make Trip to Wrigley

Jason Beck, Tigers writer for, had an interesting and very exciting post today on his blog regarding Tigers fans making the trip down to Chicago to watch their team take on the Cubs:

I wrote plenty about it in my game story, but I can't emphasize enough how odd it was to see this many Tigers fans here. It was noticeable when I was waiting for the train to the ballpark and saw how many people at the station were wearing Tigers stuff, and we're talking about a 9:30 am CT train. It seemed like there was a huge section of Detroit fans in the upper deck along the LF line, but I think there were more of them scattered all over.

Justin Verlander theorized that maybe they had temporarily converted some Cubs fans who know that Tigers wins are bad news for the White Sox. He might have a point on some of them, but there were too many cheering all afternoon for Sox hatred to be such a big factor. Between a summer weekend, students out of school, a historic ballpark and a short drive, there's a Detroit migration this weekend, and it's nothing like I've seen in five years covering this team. Really, I haven't experienced anything like this since the days when Indians fans would flock to Detroit because they couldn't get tickets to Jacobs Field. It's a fascinating change, and the players really fed off it.

Awesome! I love to hear that the Tigers fans are taking a huge interest in how this team is doing and cheering them on at home and on the road. I would expect to see just as many throughout the weekend at Wrigley.