Trade Ideas

Our biggest need is a patient/impact left handed bat in LF. It wouldnt be awful to have a better bat at 3rd or to get some more pitching help for the stretch run.

Target 1: Bobby Abreu.
I know he plays RF but Im sure we could figure out how to get him into the lineup. He's very patient with good power and as a bonus he is also dangerous on the basepaths. I think that we could tempt them with Sanchez and another minor leaguer, possibly Larish or Tata or Jurrgins. I really think he would be the perfect fit and I hope that we pursue him heavily. (Side note: Its irrelevent but, he looked really good in Comerica in last years HR Derby)
Possible Deal: Sanchez, Larish, Low level Pitcher for Abreu

Target 2: Carl Crawford
I really like the idea of Crawford a lot also, but he would probably cost more to get from the Devil Rays and wouldnt be as good a fit. He would still be a great player to add especially because he is still developing as a player and would be an impact player for years to come.
Possible deal: Sanchez, Tata, Maybin for Crawford (I wouldnt do it because I am a big Maybin fan, but that might be what it would take)
Sanchez, Jurrgins, (one of Miner/Tata/Ledezma) for Crawford would be something I would want to do but doubt the Rays would do.

Target 3: Griffey
He would have to be willing to move to corner OF cuz I would rather have Granderson in CF especially with Griffey's injury risk, but he would also be a good bat and if the Reds are falling out of it, he's potentially much cheaper than Abreu. Especially because they could use pitching prospects which we have a lot of. His contract would be somewhat hard to swallow though.
Potential Deal: Jurrgins and Tata for Griffey

Target 4: Adrian Beltre
Someone suggested this to me and I laughed in his face at first, but the more I thought about it, he plays excellant D and has a reputation for hitting late in the season, which is when we would need his bat the most. I think Seattle would love to unload his contract, but I dont want to take it in full so we would probably have to offer a real prospect in return for them paying a large portion of his contract. The last deal in the list below also gets us a future C for when Pudge leaves and Seattle has Johjima so they can afford to part with Clement.
Possible Deal: trash for Beltre
Sanchez and Jurrgins for Beltre + significant money for contract
Sanchez, Jurrgins, Tata for Beltre, J. Clement and some $$ toward Beltre's contract

I could do more and may add more later, but I would like to hear other comments to my thoughts above and other suggestions of trades that could be made. Also, maybe getting a real discussion going about this can get more people to this site so we can have larger discussions than 1 or 2 repl comments.

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