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Aubrey Huff to Detroit?

This is from the latest ESPN power rankings:

Mark it down: We say Aubrey Huff will get traded to the Tigers by July 31.

Aubrey Huff has been heating up a little bit lately after an absolutely awful start for the Devil Rays. He's a lefty bat, so that fits some sort of mold that the Tigers want in a trade possibility. In June Huff has hit .318/.366/.485 and is hitting .232/.316/.357 on the season. His past season stats look like this:
  1. 154 G, .261/.321/.428
  2. 157 G, .297/.360/.493
  3. 162 G, .311/.367/.555
  4. 113 G, .313/.364/.520
  5. 111 G, .248/.288/.372
He consistently plays a lot of games, and has shown flashes in different years of being a pretty great player. He can hit for power and seems to be able to swing the bat for average as well. In the 6 seasons prior to this one Huff averaged 20 homers and 70 RBIs. Not too bad considering he didn't put up huge numbers in a shortened rookie season and non-powerful sophomore campaign.

It's an interesting possibility, as is Carl Crawford from the D-Rays...but knowing the Rays history of asking WAY too much for their players, who knows what they will ask for Huff. I know they'll want pitching, but the question is who?

For more trade ideas discussion, please check out the diaries on the right side of this page. BYB user Grozzy has posted up his thoughts on some of the possibilities. Let's hear some chatter out there!

By the way, the Tigers ranked number 2 behind the White Sox, who are easily playing the best baseball in the league right now. They're unbelievable.