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About Last Night...

I'm sure we're all disappointed the Tigers didn't win that game last night. Of course we are. And everytime we see him, there seems to be a little more doubt creeping into our head about Todd Jones' ability as a closer for this team. Especially when there are two young, able pitchers (Zoom and Rodney) waiting in the wings.

Jones currently has a .329 BAA, a 5.85 ERA, and a 1.55 whip. None very impressive numbers for a closer to have, especially a closer on a team with the best record in baseball right now. His pitches aren't blowing away hitters, and overall they just aren't effective. The ball that Youklis hit last night was a fastball right over the middle of the plate, and Jones has the habit of doing that a lot.

Zumaya has been pretty great this year in his rookie season, and has expressed interest in becoming a closer when it's all said and done. He has been blowing away most hitters, and has a 2.70 ERA with a 1.15 whip.

Rodney has been great as well. He has a 1.08 ERA, a .92 whip, and batters are only hitting .133 against him.

Overall it seems like there may need to be a change. Will there be? Jim Leyland seems like the kind of manager that is stuck on roles sometimes. Todd Jones was the original man for the closer role, so I have a feeling we may be seeing Jones trying to shut the door until situations like this begin to pile up.