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Rogers Will Start All-Star Game

Tigers pitcher Kenny Rogers, who is having an exceptional season since being signed as a free-agent this offseason, will start the All-Star game for the AL team. The game will take place tomorrow night in Pittsburgh, with the winner grabbing homefield advantage for the world series.

Kenny Rogers has gone from all-star scourge to All-Star starter. One year after being one of the most scrutinized players at the glamour game -- and for all the wrong reasons -- the Detroit lefty was chosen by AL manager Ozzie Guillen to start Tuesday night against the NL.

"He's the best pitcher right now in the American League," Guillen said Monday. "That's why he's there."


Very cool. It seemed like the thought of a Tigers pitcher starting for the American League has been very slim over the past several years, but Kenny Rogers has been an amazing addition to this rotation. Alongside Justin Verlander (who was not selected to go to Pittsburgh), the two have both cracked double digit wins prior to the all-star break.

There have been so many good AL pitchers this year though, so it's tough to say whether or not Rogers was a good choice to start. He hasn't been the best overall, but I still believe he has made a huge impact on the team and I am glad to see the team with the best record in the league represented in this way.

The starter for the National League will be Brad Penny of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Rogers will be pitching to a familiar face behind the plate, Tigers catcher Ivan Rodriguez.