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Huff Traded to Houston

We dicussed on BYB the possibility of Aubrey Huff coming to Detroit in order to fulfill that left handed bat wish. It looks as if Huff won't be suiting up for the Tigers anytime soon, as he was traded to Houston today in exchange for two prospects in the Astros system.

The prospects that the Devil Rays obtained were 22 year old RHP Mitch Talbot and 25 year old SS Ben Zobrist. The Devil Rays also agreed to pay out 1.65 million in cash considerations.

The Tigers will more than likely still go after a left handed bat, with a lot of speculation pointing towards Bobby Abreu (if the price isn't too high). I just hope that there isn't a case of the front office making a move just for the sake of making a move. Yes, I would love to see a consistent left handed batter to be in a platoon role, but if it requires giving up a big chunk of our future pitching staff, no thanks. It turns out that we could have made out pretty well based on what the Astros gave up for Huff. Oh well.