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DY Could Be Back Soon

Comments from this Free Press article are stating that the troubled Tiger Dmitri Young may be making an appearance in Detroit soon:

Entering Tuesday, Dmitri Young was hitting .450 (9-for-20) at Triple-A Toledo, with no home runs and three RBIs in five games. On Monday, he went 3-for-5 with two doubles against Pawtucket -- a game started by ex-Tiger Jason Johnson, on assignment from the Red Sox.
Leyland did not specify when Young might arrive in Detroit and said the team was "not even close" to deciding which player would move off the roster to make room. It seems likely, though, that he will return to Comerica Park in time for Friday's series opener against Oakland, if not earlier.

Dmitri has been having many off the field problems, including alcohol rehab rumors and domestic abuse and not showing up for court. He has also had problems on the field, hitting for a extremely low average and slowly becoming a dead weight in the Tigers lineup. His skill of switch hitting could come in handy if he comes back strong, seeing that the Tigers have been looking for a left-handed bat.