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Way to go, Craig!

It looked like it was going to be the same old song and dance for Jeremy Bonderman and the Tigers, as the offense failed to score and two homers by the Sox lineup gave them a lead. It looked that way up until the 6th inning, when Tigers often outcast OF Craig Monroe came to the plate and launched a grand slam home run. It was the first granny of the season for Tigers' batters, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Powered by the Monroe grand slam and solid pitching by Bonderman and the bullpen, the Tigers won the game 5-2.

Much trade talk has swirled regarding Monroe's status on this team. Due to a miniscule OBP and an even lower BA, Monroe has been criticized for bad plate discipline and never coming through when it's needed. Tonight doesn't exactly change the criticisms or erase them in any way, but it does take a small amount of heat off of him for at least a couple days (maybe).

The win by the Tigers upped their lead in the AL Central to 4.5 games over the White Sox. This was a big win, as a national TV audience watched a Tigers team that has not fared well against the South-siders this season. They will play the final game of this 3 game set tomorrow afternoon, and will be shown on ESPN as well. There are a ton of games left in this season, and the Central could turn either way, but each win over the 2nd place team is always a good thing for the team leading the division.