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Lewis Up; Gomez Down

OF Alexis Gomez was sent down to Toledo today, with his replacement on the 25-man roster being P Colby Lewis:

Following the path down the Ohio Turnpike that others have taken before him, Colby Lewis joined the Tigers on Wednesday morning after Detroit purchased his contract from the Mud Hens. He'll provide depth in the bullpen for a club that has used six different relievers for an inning or more over the first two games of this series, including 7 1/3 relief innings Tuesday night after the Indians knocked out Kenny Rogers in the first.


This will be Lewis' first stint in the majors with the Tigers, having been riddled with injuries over the past couple seasons. His last appearance in the majors came with the Rangers in 2004.

Gomez has been used primarily in a defensive sub/pinch runner role, and has seen very limited action. The bullpen has been stretched over the past few games due to a few bad starts by the starting rotation. Hopefully Lewis can help this bullpen out quite a bit in his return to the big leagues.