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Lots of Movement Today

Hat tip to Knobler, my #1 source for breaking Tigers news.

Up to Detroit:
LHP Andrew Miller
OF Alexis Gomez

Down to Minors:
OF Brent Clevlen (to Erie)
RHP Colby Lewis (to Toledo)

Also, it has been decided that Wil Ledezma will get the spot start, and perhaps more, after Mike Maroth reported tenderness in his throwing elbow this morning. Maroth was originally going to start on Wednesday in place of Zach Miner, being activated after spending a large portion of the season on the DL. He will instead start in the bullpen.

In terms of the promotions/demotions by DD and co. today, I must say that the Miller promotion to the big league club really is surprising. He so far has been a very solid pitcher out of the bullpen (see previous post), but a call-up this early seems as if the Tigers have the ultimate confidence in his upside and do not believe they will mess with his psyche in any way to maybe make his first major league appearance in Yankee Stadium this week.

Clevlen had a good run in the bigs for the most part, and I feel that this stint will help in very much in the long run. There were more than likely signs of him struggling in some aspect that resulted in the demotion to work on his game. Plus this move could give Granderson more confidence as there won't be as much of a platoon situation in CF (especially considering Grandy hit a lefty pretty well today). While none of us have ever been wowed by Alexis Gomez, he can fill in as a defensive replacement here and there and overall useful.