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The Twinkies Keep on Winning


The Tigers are really feeling the heat now as the Twins have closed the gap on the first place team in the AL Central to 1.5 games. Right now it seems that Minnesota can't lose, and the scary part is they got Liriano back from injury.

This Minnesota team is going to be tough to hold off, and I feel that if the Twins do make it to the playoffs (which they will in one capacity or the other) they are going to be tough to beat, especially in one of those short series.

Very depressing to see the lead sink to what it has become, but this offense just has not done anything to help a pitching staff that, contrary to what some people are perceiving, has been consistently good throughout the season and second half overall.

Luckily there is a little more breathing room over the White Sox, who are 3 games behind...but a series at US Cellular Field awaits, a series that could be monumental in pushing the Tigers (or White Sox) into the postseason.