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The 19 Year Streak is Over

And that's a good thing.

The Tigers clinched a spot in postseason play today with a dominating win over the Royals. With the win the Chicago White Sox were mathematically eliminated from wild-card contention, giving the Tigers an automatic spot. Whether or not the Tigers go into the playoffs as the Central Division Champ or the Wild-Card winner is another issue.

As of right now I really do not think that is has sunk in yet. I was 4 years old the last time the Tigers made the playoffs, so the memory of that time is cloudy at best. All I can say from the events of today is that I'm proud of a lot of these guys on this team and the coaching staff that has brought a winning culture to the Tigers franchise once again.

Guys like Ledezma, Inge, Rodney, Maroth, Bonderman, Santiago, etc, the guys that stuck with this organization through the dark days of 2003 (43-119) deserve a lot of respect. I am perhaps most happy for those guys, although I'm happy for the team overall.

It's a great day in Detroit. Here's hoping they can close out with a Central championship and hopefully a World Series crown. I couldn't imagine.