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Tigers Avoid Arbitration With 4; Sign Rodney to 2 Year Deal

The Tigers signed 4 players to one year deals on Tuesday, including pitchers Fernando Rodney and Nate Robertson, along with Omar Infante and Craig Monroe.

The Free Press reported the amounts that each player got with their contracts:

Monroe: $4.775 million
Robertson: $3.26 million
Infante: $1.3 million
Rodney: $1.05 million

It's good to see Omar Infante getting a one year deal...something that Billfer thinks shows us the Tigers are looking to Infante to be a bigger part of the team in the future over the other utility infielders...and I agree with him on that, especially considering that Leyland wasn't too high on Neifi the last time we heard from him.

Craig got a nice chunk of change, which shows us that the Tigers are committed to keeping him around for another year despite the log-jam of outfielders the Tigers are facing in the future. With Sheffield coming aboard and Maybin and Clevlen trying to make their way up to the bigs, it's tough to predict whether or not Craig will be a huge part of the club in the future.


And while we're on that subject, the Tigers turned around and signed Fernando Rodney to a two-year deal earlier today - tacking on an extra year to the relief pitcher's contract.

A couple of days after agreeing to a one-year deal, the Tigers and reliever Fernando Rodney added another. Rodney now has a two-year contract worth at least $2.7 million that gives the Tigers cost certainty in their bullpen while giving the 29-year-old setup man and part-time closer some job security.
The new deal actually lowers Rodney's salary this year to $1 million, but he'll be guaranteed $1.7 million in 2008. The key from Rodney's side is incentives if he ends up filling in at closer, which he did for the first month and a half last season while Todd Jones was on the disabled list. The escalating incentives are based on games finished, from a partial bonus for 30 games up to $1 million if he finishes 55 games this year.

Pretty good week for some Tigers. I'm very happy about the Rodney and Infante deals specifically, and I feel that Craig and Nate both got fair deals as well.