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Tigers Sign Eischen to a Minor League Deal

HT to BYB user chrvoel for this one...

The Tigers added another lefty to their spring training roster, signing veteran Joey Eischen to a minor league deal. Eischen, the 36 year old reliever, will fight for a spot on a team who is looking to replace Jamie Walker as the "lefty specialist" (no offense to Al Levine).

Eischen, who has spent the last 5 seasons wandering around the Montreal/Washington organization, has a career 3.76 ERA in 324 appearances for 5 different organizations (the Tigers being one of them in '96). His most productive season came in 2003 with the Montreal Expos, when he appeared in 70 games and posted a 3.06 ERA.

He joins Wil Ledezma, Bobby Seay and Edward Campusano as possible additions to the bullpen this season - a very crowded spot to be in.