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Tigers Broadcasting News

Lynn Henning of the Detroit News reported today that the Tigers were going to broadcast a record 151 games in the 2007:

The Tigers today unveiled their most comprehensive package of baseball telecasts in team history -- a 151-game package that will be shared between cable carrier FSN Detroit, and over-the-air channel Fox 2, a newcomer to the Tigers telecast terrain.

FSN Detroit will carry 134 games, while Fox 2 will handle 17 "free" telecasts. It is expected that between national telecasts on ESPN and Fox that all except one game from the Tigers' 162-game regular-season schedule will be televised in 2007.

Oh, how success changes things. Many last year were crying foul when a ton of Tigers games were going un-broadcasted - now the organization will see record air-time on the FOX stations.

While the number says 151, it may tough to view some certain games. FSN Plus is a channel that may not be carried by all cable providers in the area, so any games bumped to that station (because of Red Wings and Pistons broadcast conflicts) may be unavailable to some fans.

All in all, it's great to see the Tigers getting on TV where they belong. They are definitely a hot ticket right now, so it would be a crime to keep them off the airwaves.

Update [2007-2-1 20:2:7 by Mark]:Adding in 10 national broadcasts of Tigers games, the total number of Tigers games on TV this year will be 161. Thanks to BYB user Peoples27 for opening my eyes to this.