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Leyland Gearing Up for '07

Jim Leyland brought a winning attitude, along with a winning record and an AL championship, to Detroit in 2006. With a quick surge of success over their shoulders, Leyland wants to ensure that the Tigers have their minds in the right place for 2007, based on these comments from the Tigers official site:

"If you get too cool and too relaxed and too blase about what we've done and who we are, that's not what the Tigers are all about. We're about, 'It's over with. This is what we did.' We celebrated. The celebration is over, now it's time to go back."
"The one thing we've got going for us, which I really like, is we've got some players coming up on that time in their career where they got a chance to get their pot of gold, and I love stuff like that because they're going to be hungry if they're smart."

By the way, if you're wondering - the word Leyland used, blase (pronounced blah-zey), means "Unconcerned; nonchalant." Not exactly a word I'd expect to hear from Jim Leyland's mouth.