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Let the A-Rod Sweepstakes Begin

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Alex Rodriguez and Scott Boras couldn't even wait until the World Series was over. (And as I write this, Garrett Atkins just cut Game 4 to a one-run contest.)

The AP and Sports Illustrated are both reporting that A-Rod has informed the New York Yankees that he's going to opt out of his contract, and the remaining $72 million that he would have been paid. (Did I just type that? $72 million?) This also lets the Texas Rangers off the hook for the $21 million they would've had to pay as part of their trade agreement with the Yankees.

Rodriguez is thus a free agent, and if the Yankees are to be believed, this effectively ends his career in Bronx pinstripes. Yesterday, it was reported that that the Yankees were preparing to offer him a five-year, $150 million contract extension. But according to A-Rod's agent, the aforementioned Mr. Boras, uncertainty over whether or not Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, and Andy Pettitte will re-sign with the Yankees led his client to this decision.

So A-Rod is going on the market. Will the Detroit Tigers be putting in a bid for his services?