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Kenny Rogers Wants to Be His Own Agent

Do you think Scott Boras is looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday? Dude isn't having a very good week. First, A-Rod keeps him on the bench while he negotiates with the Yankees, and now Kenny Rogers has told baseball's least favorite agent to hit the road.

I see this news broke five or six hours ago (and Zappatista left a comment about it - thank you for that), but only saw it on the ESPN crawl just over an hour ago at an overcrowded bar full of Wolverines and Buckeyes. So please pardon the tardiness. If I was one of those guys who could blog from his cell phone, I would've posted a quick "WTF?" entry. Of course, I still would've been late with the news.

And that should take care of the one obstacle that seemed to keep Rogers and the Detroit Tigers from coming to an agreement on a new contract. We don't know if it was purely a Boras decision to put Rogers on the free agent market and make the Tigers look at other options, but it's now pretty apparent Rogers didn't agree with that choice. (Nor must he have liked Boras turning down Detroit's two contract offers.)

Presuming that Rogers will soon re-sign with the Tigers, the question now becomes whether or not the team will pursue one more veteran starting pitcher (I'm of the opinion they should) or if Dave Dombrowski will now focus on finding a middle reliever. At least Dombrowski doesn't have to worry about playing silly games with Boras anymore.