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BYB on The Detroit Tigers Podcast

I know it's a big college football Saturday, with Michigan and Ohio State smashing helmets in what could be Lloyd Carr's final home game as the Wolverines' head coach, and will be the last hurrah for a superstar senior class that includes Chad Henne, Mike Hart, Jake Long, Jamar Adams, and Shawn Crable. (Really, I'm just typing now to work off some nervous energy before the game begins.)

But if you're yearning for a little bit of baseball talk, Mike McClary invited me on to co-host the latest edition of The Detroit Tigers Podcast, and we run over what's been an extremely busy off-season thus far for the team. (As you listen, you might be able to detect the pure joy in our voices over getting Skype to work for us so well.)

We recorded the podcast before the news of Kenny Rogers firing Scott Boras became public, so unfortunately, that's not part of the discussion. But we recapped each of the moves the Tigers have made this fall and speculate as to what else Dave Dombrowski might try to accomplish before the team reports to Lakeland for Spring Training.

You can download Episode #37 directly from this link or head on over to the DTP's home page and/or The Daily Fungo for more. We had a great time talking Tigers on a Friday afternoon, and hope you enjoy listening to our baseball chat. And don't hesitate to join the discussion yourselves. Mike welcomes all the comments he can get.

Thanks in advance for downloading and listening.