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Friday Baseball Stir-Fry

Eastern Washington probably doesn't have to worry about geese overpopulation with Jeremy Bonderman on the hunt. Let's just hope pulling that trigger so frequently doesn't wear out those muscles and tendons in the forearm. But it sounds like Bondo's working that elbow to come back strong like bull in 2008.

I was hoping David Riske would become the set-up reliever that the Detroit Tigers sorely need. But it looks like Riske is going to sign with the Brewers (who have their own bullpen problems after Francisco Cordero signed with the Reds - ?!?!) and might even be Milwaukee's closer, while the Tigers chase the Colorado Rockies' relief corps.

I see Seth Greisinger is now available. Maybe that's where the Tigers could go. (I totally stole that joke from Mike McClary.) With the Yakult Swallows of Japan this past season, Greisinger had a 16-8 record, 2.84 ERA, and 159 strikeouts in 209 innings.

So if you're somewhat relieved that the Tigers likely won't have to deal with Johan Santana in the AL Central anymore, are you at all worried that the Minnesota Twins finally found the outfield bat that they've desperately needed for the past two seasons? Delmon Young between Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau would be a pretty fearsome threesome.

(And if Brendan Harris plays third base, that's an offensive upgrade over Nick Punto.)

Incidentally, with the trouble the Tigers had against the Tampa Bay Rays last season, the possibility of facing Scott Kazmir, James Shields, and Matt Garza in a series doesn't exactly thrill me.