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2007 SBN Baseball Awards: Rookie of the Year

This week, we'll be posting the results for each of Major League Baseball's regular season awards, as voted upon by the SB Nation baseball bloggers. Today's announcement is for the 2007 Rookie of the Year balloting.

Each SB Nation blog was given two ballots to fill out, voting for the awards in the particular league their team plays in. Those with only one primary writer, such as this one, were allowed to invite another team-specific blogger to submit the other ballot. Voting with me for the American League awards was Billfer from The Detroit Tigers Weblog.

Here are the 2007 SBN Baseball Award winners for AL and NL Rookie of the Year:

American League 1st 2nd 3rd Pts
Dustin Pedroia 15 4 - 87
Jeremy Guthrie 1 6 2 25
Brian Bannister 2 2 4 20
Daisuke Matsuzaka - 3 5 14
Reggie Willits 1 1 1 9
Delmon Young - 1 3 6
Hideki Okajima - 1 1 4
Rafael Perez - 1 1 4
Travis Buck - - 1 1
Jesse Litsch - - 1 1
National League 1st 2nd 3rd Pts
Ryan Braun 13 6 2 85
Troy Tulowitzki 7 9 3 65
Hunter Pence - 4 9 21
Kevin Kouzmanoff 1 - - 5
James Loney - 1 1 4
Micah Owings - 1 1 4
Chris Young - - 2 2
Yovani Gallardo - - 2 2
Tim Lincecum - - 1 1

Boston's Dustin Pedroia was the decisive winner in the American League, receiving 15 out of 19 first-place votes. I was one of the dissenters, opting instead for Kansas City's Brian Bannister.

Pedroia's numbers (.317/.380/.442, eight homers, 50 RBI) were difficult to ignore, and I gave him my second-place vote, but I felt more strongly about Bannister, having seen him play more during the season. And when the Royals began playing better baseball from June through August, Bannister was a big factor in that success, winning 11 games. My third-place vote went to Tampa Bay's Delmon Young.

You can see how each of the SB Nation baseball bloggers voted at their respective sites, as we'll all be sharing our ballots. The remaining SBN Baseball Awards will be announced in succession throughout the week. Manager of the Year winners will be posted tomorrow, with Cy Young winners to follow on Wednesday, and we'll conclude with the winners of the Most Valuable Player awards on Thursday.

UPDATE: I asked The Detroit Tigers Weblog to fill out BYB's second ballot, and Billfer graciously obliged. You can view his voting results here.