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2007 SBN Baseball Awards: Cy Young Award

This week, we're posting the results for each of Major League Baseball's regular season awards, as voted upon by the SB Nation baseball bloggers. On Monday, the Rookie of the Year awards went to the Red Sox's Dustin Pedroia and the Brewers' Ryan Braun. Yesterday, the Manager of the Year winners were Cleveland's Eric Wedge and Arizona's Bob Melvin.

Today, we present the 2007 SBN Baseball Award winners for the AL and NL Cy Young Award:

American League 1st 2nd 3rd Points
C. C. Sabathia 13 3 2 76
Josh Beckett 3 10 2 47
John Lackey 2 3 4 23
Fausto Carmona 1 1 3 11
Johan Santana - 1 4 7
Erik Bedard - 1 3 6
Roy Halladay - - 1 1
National League 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Jake Peavy 21 - - 105
Brandon Webb - 17 1 72
Brad Penny - - 10 10
John Smoltz - 1 2 5
Cole Hamels - 1 1 4
Jeff Francis - 1 1 4
Tim Hudson - 1 - 3
Aaron Harang - - 3 3
Chris Young - - 2 2
Carlos Zambrano - - 1 1

Yet again, the American League award was decided by a large margin. I'm kind of surprised by that. I thought there would be more of a fight between C.C. Sabathia and Josh Beckett. But the final results echo the ballot I filled out. My first-place vote went to Sabathia, followed by Beckett and Lackey. Even though the Tigers had some success against him this season, Sabathia was dominant in every category, finishing with over 200 strikeouts and under 40 walks. And he pitched far more innings (241) than either Beckett or Lackey. Clearly, that was the prevailing opinion.

Meanwhile, Wedge kept his Cleveland team at or near the top of the AL Central throughout the season, juggling platoons at several positions in the early part of the year, and dealing with the struggles of one of his best players, Travis Hafner. But he eventually worked younger players into the lineup later, and consistently made the right moves with his bullpen, and that ultimately made the difference in the Tribe winning the division.

I'm not quite sure how I would've voted for the NL awards, as I didn't give much thought to it. That's probably because I can't imagine anyone other than Jake Peavy getting my first-place vote. Brandon Webb probably would've been second on my ballot, with Cole Hamels in third place.

You can see how each of the SB Nation baseball bloggers voted at their respective sites, as we're all posting our ballots and final results. The final SBN Baseball Award, for Most Valuable Player, will be announced tomorrow.

UPDATE: I asked The Detroit Tigers Weblog to fill out BYB's second ballot, and Billfer graciously obliged. You can view his voting results here.