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Who Are the Detroit Tigers' Top Prospects Now?

John Sickels has posted his lists of Top 20 2008 Prospects for each major league team. Yesterday, it was the Detroit Tigers' turn to have their prospects ranked. You can read that list here.

For Sickels' sake, it might have been easier for him to post the list last week, as the Tigers' minor league system was swept out pretty well after six prospects were sent to the Florida Marlins organization. Of course, the rankings wouldn't have been very current.

As you might expect, future pitching stud Rick Porcello is #1 on the list. Sickels gave him a B+ grade, admitting that he can't justify an A grade for a player who has yet to throw a professional pitch.

Three of the top five players listed are position players, which speaks to one of the organization's remaining upsides, despite losing so many pitchers. But Yorman Bazardo, who some feel could end up on the major league staff next season, still ranked in the Tigers' top 10.

UPDATE (12/14): As you might expect in the Tigers blogosphere, Take 75 North provides a much closer look at Detroit's top minor leaguers. Matt also has some very definitive thoughts on the practice of listing and ranking prospects.