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Winter Meetings Warm-Up

With Kenny Rogers officially re-signing on Friday (and Dave Dombrowski's aggressively checking off his off-season shopping list already), it doesn't appear that the Detroit Tigers will be involved with a whole lot of discussions during the baseball winter meetings this week in Nashville.

But there also seems to be enough talent available that maybe Dombrowski won't be able to resist trying to make something happen. (Kind of like some of us at Best Buy during the holiday shopping season. Oh, was I supposed to buy things for other people while I was there?)

The Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo broke down each team's wish list yesterday. I don't think his entry on the Tigers is entirely accurate, but maybe we should cut him a break since he's an out-of-town guy.

DETROIT. Having made a big splash on shortstop Edgar Renteria, the Tigers will try to deepen their starting rotation and add a power bat in left field. One of the rotation issues was solved when the Tigers reupped veteran lefty Kenny Rogers, but they'll also be on the lookout and may consider the Rehab 3 (Matt Clement, Jason Jennings, and Kris Benson) for the fifth starter. Jim Leyland wants another setup man to replace the injured Joel Zumaya. The Tigers are also eyeing Kansas City outfielder David DeJesus, but he might not be available.

Did he forget the Tigers already traded for Jacque Jones? Or was that move too under-the-radar to be noticed? And this seems to be the first we've heard of any interest in David DeJesus. Where would the Tigers play him? Left field? If so, what happens with Jones?

But I definitely like the thinking on picking up a starting pitcher in need of both physical and career rehab. Maybe they can sign a pitcher whose talent would surely command a bigger contract, but whose injuries might have taken the big payday away. Allow the guy to showcase himself while helping the Tigers contend for a playoff spot, and it's a potential win-win situation for all involved.

Of the three pitchers Cafardo mentioned, I'd prefer Jason Jennings, as he could provide the most value. (Though having Anna Benson in town for at least a season could be entertaining - especially for blogging purposes.)